Investment in Yamaha’s Flagship Rivage PM Series

Robins Audio has now become one of the first companies in the UK to invest in the Yamaha PM7, the latest addition to Yamaha’s range of flagship digital audio consoles: the PM Rivage series.

Already stocking both the QL and CL series of consoles from Yamaha Commercial Audio, therefore the  Rivage PM series was the next logical investment to make to expand our already strong stock of Yamaha Consoles.

The Rivage PM7 is largely based on Rivage PM10, in a way, its older sibling. It has the same frame size,  layout and sound. The main difference however is that the DSP engine for the PM7 is inside the console. In contrast, the PM10 requires and additional external rack engine. The PM7 offers the same high standards and reliability of the PM10 in a fairly compact, easy to set-up system.

The Rivage PM system is fully compatible with the Yamaha R-series I/O products which are available to rent from Robins Audio now!

We have a strong relationship with Yamaha and have stocked their QL and CL range for quite some time now. Yamaha’s products are known for their reliability and they have never let us down. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of new equipment and technology so the Rivage series was an easy choice for us to make. We look forward to continuing our investment in Yamaha’s mixing systems for years to come.

Please contact our hire department for more information.

For a more detailed specification, please refer to either our hire product page, or the product page on Yamaha’s website