Reinforcing L-Acoustics Stock

Robins Audio has boosted its L-Acoustics inventory this week with the purchase of a large amount of new components.

The company has added more KARA, KIVA II, KS28, X12, X8, 5XT and LA12X to reinforce our current L-Acoustics rental stock.

“…the main reason for the investment is an exceptionally busy Winter season for theatre, and an already busy Spring for corporate events. 2019 for us will be a very busy year for us with a lot of large events, and theatre shows happening. You will definitely be seeing our brown boxes out and about!”

Joshua Robins – Managing Director

We have been stocking L-Acoustics now for around 5 years, and plan on continuing our investment for the foreseeable future with the view of becoming a K standard rental network partner within the next year or two.