Robins Audio's commitment to providing the highest quality systems and the best engineers available, aligned with an understanding of the importance of co-operation with the licensing regulations, has been recognised as the only way to successfully meet all the requirements for festivals and now we are also a major player in the touring market, a result of the company demonstrating its commitment to the quality of people and equipment packaging required in this competitive area of professional sound system services.

The creation and supply of bespoke, compact, flexible and technically excellent sound systems tailored to the budget and truck space lies at the heart of the company’s approach to touring. This has been founded on the successful formula that the company has employed for the major UK music festivals it now covers.

Our engineers are totally committed to the end result, and are not about to allow the distractions that exist on the road to interfere with the quality of the end result.

If your tour requires a great sound system that doesn’t use up all your truck space, crewed by totally competent, committed engineers and backed up with instant service from the warehouse, you should be talking to us.