We carry a comprehensive range of equipment and always aim to offer the most competitive price to ensure your production's a success. From Moving Lights, to Discreet Radio Microphones, PA Systems, Control Desks, Theatre Lanterns - We have specified, hired, repaired and installed equipment in a huge variety of theatre venues and across performances as diverse and spectacular as you can imagine. 


  • You have a visiting production and need extra specific equipment
  • You're heading out on tour and require a full production rig
  • You require special effects for an in house production
  • You want to incorporate Moving Head fixtures
  • Your Truss needs it’s load capacity extended 
  • Your lanterns or bulbs need replacing
  • Or you've just run out of gaffa tape

Through operating a busy hire company we have a huge amount of experience in knowing what the limitations of specific equipment are and what may best suit your situation and requirements. We sell, hire and maintain theatrical equipment all day every day. When it comes to kit we know our stuff.

Whether you work in a 30 or 3000 seat venue, our experienced team of industry sales staff, production crew and hire specialists will know just how to help.